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General Services Administration (GSA)

Free General Services Administration forms

Form TitleCoverage
GSA3542 Customer Supply Center Order All States
GSA3557 Tax Status Certification All States
GSA3559B Follow-up Status Report for Facility Safety, Health or Fire Protection Survey All States
GSA3560 Determination of Position Sensitivity All States
GSA3566 Office Automation System Request and Description All States
GSA3580 Customer Supply Center Discrepancy Report All States
GSA3582 Request for Visit Approval All States
GSA3586 Notice of Non-Federal Claims Receivable All States
GSA3590 Authorization for Release of Information All States
GSA3592 GSA Employee Report of Unsafe or Unhealthy Working Conditions All States
GSA3594 Personal Property Sales Package Transmittal All States
GSA3599 Program Component - Basic Information - Description All States
GSA3601 Monthly Home-to-Work Transportation Log All States
GSA3602 Credit Card Collection - Excess Travel Advances All States
GSA3602A Credit Card Collection - Leases All States
GSA3602B Credit Card Collection - Claims and Debits All States
GSA3607 Motor Vehicle Operator's License and Driving Record All States
GSA3608 Procurement Integrity Certification of Departing GSA Procurement Official All States
GSA3611 Source Selection Information Cover Page All States
GSA3617 Record of Authorization of Access to Proprietary or Source Selection Information All States
GSA3618 Daily Abstract of Deductions for Contractual Cleaning All States
GSA3620 Report of GSA Property Damage or Non-GSA Employee Personal Injury All States
GSA3622 Senior Executive Service Recertification All States
GSA3623 Supervisor's Supplemental Report of GSA Employee Injury/Illness All States
GSA3624 Log of Federal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses All States
GSA3625 Confined Space Entry Permit All States
GSA3626 U.S. Government Lease for Real Property (Short Form) All States
GSA3627 Market Survey All States
GSA3628 Lease Action Summary All States
GSA3631 Evaluation Panel Summary All States
GSA3635 Refund All States
GSA3636 GSA Record of Purchase Card Orders All States
GSA3637 Severance Pay Worksheet All States
GSA3638 Pest Control Work and Inspection Report All States
GSA3641 Senior Federal Travel All States
GSA3648 Public Trust Position All States
GSA3650 Inquiry for US Government Use Only (Educational Inquiry) All States
GSA3651 Inquiry for United States Government Use Only (Law Enforcement Inquiry) All States
GSA3654 Modified Work Agreement Flexible Workplace Program (Work at Home) All States
GSA3655 Work At Home Program Safety Checklist - Employee Certification All States
GSA3656 Supervisory-Employee Checkout List All States
GSA3657 Flexiplace Renewal Agreement All States
GSA3661 Purchase Card Application and Maintenance All States
GSA3665 Authorization to Obtain Credit Report All States
GSA3667 Application for Transportation Fringe Benefits All States
GSA3671 Individual Contract Report for Contracts Exceeding $182,000 for the Purchase of Supplies and Equipment (Nonappropriated Funds) All States
GSA3672 Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Contracting Office Code Report All States
GSA3674 Child Care Subsidy Application - Parent All States
GSA3675 Transit Subsidy Program Application All States
GSA3675A Transit Subsidy Program Application (SmartBenefits) All States