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General Services Administration (GSA)

Free General Services Administration forms

Form TitleCoverage
GSA3192 Probationary Period Appraisal Report for Supervisor/Manager All States
GSA3196 Sale of Government Personal Property - Auction All States
GSA3197 Sale of Government Personal Property - Spot Bid All States
GSA3222 Shipping Order All States
GSA3279 Packaging, Packing and Marking Deficiency Report All States
GSA3282A Operating Budget Plan All States
GSA3283 Federal Buildings Fund - Operating Budget Plan All States
GSA3285 FBF Project Allowance All States
GSA3291 Monthly Performance Report All States
GSA3320 Estimate Worksheet All States
GSA333 Monthly Performance Analysis Report All States
GSA3359 Master Calibration Record All States
GSA3363 Privacy Act Information Disclosure Record All States
GSA3375 Proposal Brief for Publications and Audiovisuals All States
GSA3400 Correspondence Routing Slip All States
GSA3401 Document Summary All States
GSA3409 Personal Qualifications Statement for Appointment as Contracting Officer All States
GSA3410 Request for Appointment All States
GSA3412 Initial Screening Worksheet for Merit Promotion Action All States
GSA3413 Supervisory Appraisal of Demonstrated Performance or Potential All States
GSA3418 Crediting Plan for Candidate Evaluation All States
GSA3419 Candidate Ranking Worksheet All States
GSA3420 Contract/Modification File Checklist File Format (Award) All States
GSA3422 Individual Development Plan All States
GSA3423 Mechanical Contract Inspection Report All States
GSA3440 Performance Plan and Appraisal Record for Non-Supervisory Associates All States
GSA3440B Performance Plan and Appraisal Record for Non-Senior Executive Service Management and Supervisory Associates All States
GSA3453 Application/Permit for Use of Space in Public Buildings and Grounds All States
GSA3459 Semiannual Affirmative Action Plan Accomplishment Report for Disabled Persons Including Disabled Veterans All States
GSA3467 Formal Complaint of Discrimination All States
GSA3471 Abstract of Offers All States
GSA3474 Project Cost Comparison Summary All States
GSA3486 Lease of Real Property All States
GSA349 Inspection Report of Boiler All States
GSA350 Inspection Report of Unfired Pressure Vessels All States
GSA3505 Labor Standards (Construction Contract)(Applicable to Contracts in Excess of $2,000) All States
GSA3516 Solicitation Provisions (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) All States
GSA3516A Solicitation Provisions (Full Text) All States
GSA3517 General Clauses (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) All States
GSA3517A General Clauses (Short Form) All States
GSA3517B General Clauses (3517 Full Text) All States
GSA3517C General Clauses (Short Form, Full Text) All States
GSA3518 Representations and Certifications (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) All States
GSA3518A Representations and Certifications (Short Form) All States
GSA3521 Blanket Purchase Agreement All States
GSA3525 Application for Customer Supply Center Services and Address Change All States
GSA3526 Monthly Report of Disposal Appraisal Activity All States
GSA353 Performance Evaluation and Facilities Report All States
GSA3535 Request For Cataloging/Supply Management Data Action All States
GSA3539 Quality Deficiency Notice All States