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General Services Administration (GSA)

Free General Services Administration forms

Form TitleCoverage
GSA2507 GSA Vacancy Announcement All States
GSA2511P1 Temporary Quarters Expense Report All States
GSA2511p2 Temporary Quarters Expense Report page 2 All States
GSA252 Found Property Tag All States
GSA2520 Allotment All States
GSA2522 Quality Review All States
GSA2543 Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Test Record (Less than 600 volts) All States
GSA2543A Network Protector Test Record All States
GSA2548 Monthly Labor Report (For WG Employees) All States
GSA2551 QA Surveillance Control All States
GSA2552 Request and Approval for Transfer of Vehicles All States
GSA2553 Vehicle Capitalization, Repair and Disposal Request and Authorization All States
GSA2561 Weekly Status Report - Outstanding Receipts All States
GSA2578 Report of Investigation of Claim for Waiver of Erroneous Payment of Pay and Allowances All States
GSA2580 Guard Post Assignment Record All States
GSA2620 Monthly/Quarterly Inventory Report All States
GSA2630 Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate All States
GSA2631 Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate Summary All States
GSA2648 EEO Counseling Report All States
GSA2689 Small Business Analysis Record All States
GSA2722 PBS Facility Security Checklist All States
GSA2727 Request to Add Item(s) to GSA Retail Stock All States
GSA273 Report of Complaint Investigated All States
GSA276 Supplemental Lease Agreement All States
GSA2828 Request for Retirement Estimate All States
GSA283 Notice of Work Required All States
GSA2908 Employee's Withholding Certificate for Local Taxes All States
GSA2910 Contract Employee Suitability Record All States
GSA2941 Parking Application All States
GSA2957 Reimbursable Work Authorization All States
GSA2967 Request for Specification and/or Purchase Description Action All States
GSA2972 Agency Request for Adjustment/OPAC Charge-Backs to FBF Rent Billings All States
GSA2974 Status Report for Federally Funded or Leased Buildings - Accommodation of Physically Handicapped All States
GSA2981 Extension of Acceptance Time for Bid All States
GSA2992 Adjustment Voucher for Standard Level User Charge Transaction All States
GSA2997 Annual Report on Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Activities All States
GSA300 Order for Supplies and Services All States
GSA300A Order for Supplies and Services Continuation Sheet All States
GSA3017 Labor Standards Interview All States
GSA3024 Contract Information Multiple Award Federal Supply Schedule All States
GSA3025 Receiving Report All States
GSA3026 Asset Control System All States
GSA3079 Record of Official Time Used for Representational Functions All States
GSA308 Notice of Inspection All States
GSA3080 Household Goods Carrier Evaluation Report All States
GSA3091 Working Capital Fund Billing Input Transmittal/Batch Record All States
GSA3118 Confirmation of Personal Property Reported for Disposal Action All States
GSA3162 Security Termination Statement All States
GSA3163p1 Operations Activity Report All States
GSA3169 Reconciliation of Sale of Government-Owned Personal Property All States