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General Services Administration (GSA)

Free General Services Administration forms

Form TitleCoverage
GSA184A Construction Progress Report (Work Branch Breakdown) All States
GSA184B Construction Progress Report (Change Order Breakdown) All States
GSA1887 PBS Elevator Operation Schedule All States
GSA1903 Notice to Bidder (Construction Contract) All States
GSA1904 Quality Evaluation All States
GSA1919 Business Service Center Activity Report All States
GSA1974 Notification of Outside Activity All States
GSA1995 Return of Payroll Document for Correction All States
GSA2010 Simplified Acquisition Tabulation Source List/Abstract All States
GSA2039 Records Maintenance Plan All States
GSA2053 Agency Consolidated Requirements for GSA Regulations and Other External Issuances All States
GSA2068A ADP Sharing Services Provided to Other Agencies or Obtained from Commercial Sources All States
GSA2075 Quarterly Summary of Government Motor Vehicle Accidents All States
GSA2080 Invoice Discrepancies (Vehicle Repairs or Credit Card Purchases) All States
GSA2082 Request for Employees' Uniform Allowance Payments All States
GSA2083 Request for Official Passport All States
GSA2094 Imprest Fund Cash Count All States
GSA2099 EEO Counselor Credentials All States
GSA2103 Annual Man-Hour Tour Requirements - Operating Engineer All States
GSA2103A Annual Man-Hour Tour Requirements - Elevator Mechanic All States
GSA2103B Annual Man-Hour Tour Requirements - Electrician All States
GSA2104 Annual Man-Hour Watch Requirements - Central Refrigeration Plant All States
GSA2104A Annual Man-Hour Watch Requirements - Steam Generating Plant (High Pressure) All States
GSA2105 Annual Man-Hour Preventive Maintenance Requirements All States
GSA2107 Annual Building Operation and Maintenance Craft Requirements All States
GSA2109 Annual Field Office Craft Requirements All States
GSA2116 Employee Claim for Loss or Damage to Personal Property All States
GSA2131 Building Cleaning Survey - Summary Sheet All States
GSA2151 Records Maintenance and Disposition Report All States
GSA2157 Statement of Employment and Financial Interests All States
GSA2160 Acknowledgment of Receipt of Standards of Conduct All States
GSA2178 Quality Control Facility Surveillance All States
GSA218 Certificate of Contract Completion All States
GSA2192 Request for Forms Management Services All States
GSA220 Inspection Report for Work Under Contract All States
GSA2206 DO Priority Rating Register All States
GSA225 Record of Infraction All States
GSA2255 Service and Reimbursement Agreement - Moving Expense Allowance (Within Contiguous United States) All States
GSA2400 Shop Drawing Record (Architectural) All States
GSA2401 Record of Sample Submittals All States
GSA2419 Certificate of Progress Payment Under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts All States
GSA2429 Contact Record All States
GSA2437 Findings of Fact for Contract Modification All States
GSA2451 Bid Card All States
GSA2465 Notice of Appeal All States
GSA2480 List of Defects and Omissions All States
GSA2480A List of Defects or Omissions (continuation sheet) All States
GSA2485 Cost Comparison for Shipping Household Goods All States
GSA2494 Claim for Reimbursement of Closing Costs for Sale of Old Residence All States
GSA2494A Claim for Reimbursement of Closing Costs for Purchase of New Residence All States