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General Services Administration (GSA)

Free General Services Administration forms

Form TitleCoverage
GSA1 Directive Clearance Sheet All States
GSA1011 Real Property Remittance Advice All States
GSA1015 Instructions to Contractors (Construction Contract) All States
GSA1025 Receipt for Property All States
GSA1029 Merit Promotion Referral All States
GSA1034 Certificate of Inspection of Pressure Vessels All States
GSA1039 Record of Property Found and Attempts to Contact Owner All States
GSA1079 Federal Building Fund - Daily Time Report All States
GSA1099 Emergency Call Numbers List (Key Persons) All States
GSA1142 Release of Claims All States
GSA1160 Guide for Assembling Specifications, Specification Drawings, and Bid Forms All States
GSA1166 Annual Report of Real Property Owned By or Leased To the United States All States
GSA1171 New Item Application All States
GSA1181 Cleaning Inspection Report All States
GSA1181A Contract Cleaning Inspection Report All States
GSA1181B Contract Cleaning Inspection Assignment All States
GSA12000 Prelease Fire Protection and Life Safety Evaluation for a Low-Rise Office Building All States
GSA12001 Prelease Fire Protection and Life Safety Evaluation for a High-Rise Office Building All States
GSA1204 Condition Survey Report All States
GSA1217 Lessor's Annual Cost Statement All States
GSA1226 Contract to Sell Real Property All States
GSA1228 Monthly Report of Real Property Appraisal Contracts Awarded All States
GSA1239 Construction Management Site Data Inventory All States
GSA1241 Contract for Appraisal Report All States
GSA1241A Specifications for the GSA Analytical Narrative Appraisal Report All States
GSA1241B Outline for In-Lease Appraisal Report All States
GSA1241D Definition of Terms (Contract for Appraisal Report) All States
GSA1241E In-Lease Appraisal All States
GSA1305 Reviewer's Appraisal Analysis All States
GSA1321 Conversation with Member of Congress or Member's Staff All States
GSA1334 Request for Transfer of Excess Real and Related Personal Property All States
GSA1349 Personal Data Statement All States
GSA1364 Proposal to Lease Space All States
GSA1364G Proposal to Lease Space Guidance All States
GSA1364i GSA1364 Instructions All States
GSA1374 Motor Vehicle Petroleum Issue Record All States
GSA1378 Record of, and Receipt For, Bids and Responses All States
GSA138 Record of Keys Issued All States
GSA1380 National Security Position All States
GSA139 Record of Arrival and Departure from Buildings During Security Hours All States
GSA1390A Quarterly Postage Mail Report, Record of Accountable Metered Mail Report All States
GSA1390B Quarterly Postage Mail Report, Record of Accountable Stamped Mail Report All States
GSA14 Routing Slip All States
GSA1407 MHE Shop Repair Order All States
GSA1432 Determination of Surplus (Excess Real Property and Related Personal Property) All States
GSA1433 Specifications for GSA Site Investigation Report All States
GSA1440 Clearance Record and Worksheet All States
GSA1458 Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Repair and Service Purchase Order All States
GSA1500 Report of Security Violation All States
GSA1502 GSA Issuance Number All States