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Department of Defense (DD) Forms

Free Department of Defense forms

Form TitleCoverage
DD2130-4 - C-160 Load Plan All States
DD2130-5 - DC 10-10/30CF Load Plan All States
DD2130-6 - KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration) All States
DD2130-7 - KC-10A Load Plan (23 PALLETS Configuration) All States
DD2130-8 - DC 8-50 Series F/CF Load Plan All States
DD2130-9 - DC 8-61/71-63/73F/CF Load Plan All States
DD2130C - Cargo Manifest Continuation, Aircraft All States
DD2131 - Passenger Manifest All States
DD2133 - Airlift Inspection Record, Joint All States
DD2138 - Outpatient Records, Request for Transfer of All States
DD2139 - Report of Contract Performance Outside the United States All States
DD2161 - Medical Care, Referral for Civilian All States
DD2162 - Project Analysis, Joint Service Reserve Component Facility Board (JSRCFB) All States
DD2164 - X-Ray Verification/Certification Worksheet All States
DD2168 - Application for Discharge of Member or Survivor of Member of Group Certified to All States
DD2169 - Packaging Instruction, Special All States
DD2169C - Packaging Instruction, Special (Continuation Sheet) All States
DD218 - Telephone Directory Alphabetical Section Change Order All States
DD218-1 - Telephone Directory Classified Section Change Order All States
DD220 - Active Duty Report All States
DD2208 - Rabies Vaccination Certificate All States
DD2209 - Veterinary Health Certificate All States
DD2214 - Noise Survey All States
DD2214C - Noise Survey Continuation Sheet All States
DD2215 - Reference Audiogram All States
DD2216 - Hearing Conservation Data All States
DD2217 - Biological Audiometer Calibration Check All States
DD2228 - DoD Inactive Item Program Progress Report All States
DD2241 - Standard Alternate Item Referral/Reject Notification All States
DD2251 - Door Keys and Special Locks, Request for All States
DD2257 - Designation/Termination MPC-FPC-COPE-PFO All States
DD2258 - Mail Disposition Instructions, Temporary All States
DD2259 - Postal Accounts, Report of Audit of All States
DD2260 - Unit Mail-Clerk/Orderly Designation Log All States
DD2261 - Registered Mail - Balance and Inventory All States
DD2262 - Receptacle Record All States
DD2263 - Mailing Address/Combination Record All States
DD2266 - News Release Information, Hometown All States
DD2268 - Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Batch Transmittal All States
DD2272 - Department of Defense Safety and Occupational Health Protection Program All States
DD2273 - Irregularities in Makeup and Dispatch of Mail All States
DD2278 - Application for Do It Yourself Move and Counseling Checklist All States
DD2285 - Invitational Travel Order (ITO) for International Military Student (IMS) All States
DD2292 - Consultant or Expert, Request for Appointment or Renewal of Appointment of All States
DD2293 - Application for Former Spouse Payments from Retired Pay All States
DD2322 - Dental Laboratory Work Authorization All States
DD2325 - Radiological Response Capability Report All States
DD2326 - Preservation and Packing Data All States
DD2327C - Aircraft Utilization Plan, Unit (Continuation) All States
DD2328 - Aircraft Utilization Summary All States