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Department of Defense (DD) Forms

Free Department of Defense forms

Form TitleCoverage
DD1793 - Asphalt Content, Determination of All States
DD1794 - Grain-Size Analysis (Hydrometer Method) All States
DD1795 - Combined Mechanical Analysis (Sedimentation Test) All States
DD1796 - Receipt for Unaccompanied Baggage All States
DD1797 - Personal Property Counseling Checklist All States
DD1799 - Carrier Performance - Mobile Homes, Member's Report on All States
DD180 - Item Name Collaboration Action Request All States
DD1800 - Mobile Home Inspection Record All States
DD1801 - International Flight Plan, DoD All States
DD1811 - Pre-Award Survey of Contractor's/Carrier's Facilities and Equipment All States
DD1812 - Warehouse Inspection Report All States
DD1814 - Carrier Notice of Warning/Suspension All States
DD1821 - Contractor Crewmember Record All States
DD1829 - Military Dog Physical Examination, Record of All States
DD1833-Test(V2) - Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) All States
DD1834 - Military Working Dog Service Record All States
DD1839 - Baggage Identification All States
DD1841 - Inspection Report, Government All States
DD1842 - Claim for Loss of or Damage to Personal Property Incident to Service All States
DD1843 - Demand on Carrier/Contractor All States
DD1844 - List of Property and Claim Analysis Chart All States
DD1847 - Sensitive Compartmented Information - Indoctrination Memorandum All States
DD1847-1 - Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Statement All States
DD1848 - Sensitive Compartmented Information Debriefing Memorandum All States
DD1853 - Travel Eligibility, Verification of Reserve Status for All States
DD1857 - Storage At Government Expense, Temporary Commercial All States
DD1861 - Contract Facilities Capital Cost of Money All States
DD1863 - Accessorial Services-Mobile Home All States
DD1870 - Nomination for Appointment to the United States Military Academy, US Naval All States
DD1898-D - Alternate US DoD or Federal Civil Fuel Customer Billing Information All States
DD1898-F - Alternate Foreign Government and Commercial Fuel Customer Billing Information All States
DD1902 - Certificate of Qualification All States
DD1903 - Inspection Stamp Request and Record, DoD All States
DD1907 - Signature and Tally Record All States
DD1910 - Clearance Request for Public Release of Department of Defense Information All States
DD1911 - Materiel Courier Receipt All States
DD1918 - Federal Wage System - Establishment Information All States
DD1919 - Federal Wage System - Wage Data Collection All States
DD1919C - Federal Wage System - Wage Data Collection (Continuation) All States
DD1920 - Alcohol Incident Report All States
DD1924 - Surgical Checklist All States
DD1926 - Explosive Ordinance Disposal Civil Support Release and Reimbursement Agreement All States
DD1936 - Case Report, Individual - Exercise of Criminal Jurisdiction by Foreign Tribunals All States
DD1952 - Dosimeter Application and Record of Occupational Radiation Exposure All States
DD1966 - Record of Military Processing - Armed Forces of the United States All States
DD1970 - Motor Equipment Utilization Record All States
DD1972 - Joint Tactical Air Strike Request All States
DD200 - Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss All States
DD2005 - Privacy Act Statement - Health Care Records All States
DD2017 - Route Order Amendment All States