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Department of Defense (DD) Forms

Free Department of Defense forms

Form TitleCoverage
DD1650 - Ammunition Data Card All States
DD1653 - Transportation Data for Solicitations All States
DD1654 - Transportation Cost Factors, Evaluation of All States
DD1659 - Application for U.S. Government Shipping Documentation/Instructions All States
DD1662 - DoD Property in the Custody of Contractors All States
DD1671 - Personal Property, Reweigh of All States
DD1685 - Data Exchange and/or Proposed Revision of Catalog Data All States
DD1697 - Circuit Parameter Test Data - Analog All States
DD1697-1 - Circuit Parameter Test Data - Digital All States
DD1700 - Master Clock Log All States
DD1705 - Reimbursement for Real Estate Sale and/or Purchase Closing Cost Expenses All States
DD1714 - Product Verification Record All States
DD1716 - Contract Data Package Recommendation/Deficiency Report All States
DD1718 - Certification of Qualified Products All States
DD1719 - Voluntary Education Program Report, DoD All States
DD1721 - Space Test Program Flight Request All States
DD1721-1 - Space Test Program Flight Request Executive Summary All States
DD1721-2 - Space Test Program After Action Report All States
DD1722 - Trial Before Military Judge Alone, Request for All States
DD1723 - Flow Process Chart All States
DD1724 - Work Distribution Chart All States
DD1726 - CONUS Military Installation Material Outloading and Receiving Capability Report All States
DD1740 - Food Inspection Stamp Record All States
DD1741 - Military Working Dog Immunization Record All States
DD1743 - Military Dog Death Certificate All States
DD1745 - Animal Euthanasia All States
DD1746 - Application for Assignment to Housing All States
DD1747 - Status of Housing Availability All States
DD1748 - Airdrop Inspection Record, Joint (Platforms) All States
DD1748-1 - Airdrop Inspection Record, Joint (Containers) All States
DD1748-3 - Airdrop Summary Report, Joint All States
DD175 - Flight Plan, Military All States
DD175-1 - Flight Weather Briefing All States
DD1750 - Packing List All States
DD1753 - Master Station Log All States
DD1754 - Intercept Log All States
DD1755 - Alternate Routing Record All States
DD1756 - ASC Equipment Outage Log All States
DD1757 - ASC Recovery Record All States
DD1758 - ASC Disc Failure Report All States
DD1767 - Tracer Log All States
DD1769 - ASC General Message Log All States
DD1770 - ASC On-line & Off-line Work Request All States
DD1772 - Magnetic Disc Library Transaction Record and Perpetual History All States
DD1776 - ASC Circuit Status Log All States
DD1778 - Work Request Control Log, On-line and Off-line All States
DD1780 - Shipment Evaluation and Inspection Record All States
DD1786 - Military Handbook 300 All States
DD1789 - Entertainment Evaluation, Armed Forces Professional All States
DD1790 - Prepared Testimony Review All States