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Department of Defense (DD) Forms

Free Department of Defense forms

Form TitleCoverage
DD1252-1 - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Declaration for Personal Property All States
DD1262 - Administrative Service Request All States
DD1265 - Convoy Clearance, Request For All States
DD1266 - Hauling Permit, Request for Special All States
DD1277 - Cataloging Action Request All States
DD1278 - Certificate of Oversea Assignment to Support Application to File Petition for All States
DD1285 - VA Compensation or Pension Information, Request For All States
DD1299 - Personal Property, Application for Shipment and/or Storage of All States
DD1300 - Report of Casualty All States
DD1329 - Statement of Transactions All States
DD1335 - Railway Cars, Inspection Report For All States
DD1337 - Authorization/Designation for Emergency Pay and Allowances All States
DD1341 - Report of Commercial Carrier Passenger Service All States
DD1342 - DoD Property Record All States
DD1348 - DoD Single Line Item Requisition System Document (Manual) All States
DD1348-1A - Issue Release/Receipt Document All States
DD1348-2 - Issue Release/Receipt Document with Address Label All States
DD1348-5 - Availability/Shipment, Notice of All States
DD1348-6 - Single Line Item Requisition System Document, DoD (Manual-Long Form) All States
DD1348-7 - DoD MILSPETS DFSP Shipment and Receipt Document All States
DD1348-8 - DoD MILSPETS: DFSP Inventory and End-of-Month Report All States
DD1351 - Travel Voucher All States
DD1351-2 - Travel Voucher or Subvoucher All States
DD1351-2C - Travel Voucher or Subvoucher (Continuation Sheet) All States
DD1351-3 - Statement of Actual Expenses All States
DD1351-5 - Quarters and/or Mess, Government All States
DD1351-6 - Multiple Payments List All States
DD1354 - Transfer and Acceptance of DoD Real Property All States
DD1367 - Communication Work Order, Commercial All States
DD1368 - Communication Facilities, Modified Use of Leased All States
DD137-3 - Dependency Statement - Parent All States
DD137-4 - Dependency Statement - Child Born Out of Wedlock Under Age 21 All States
DD137-5 - Dependency Statement - Incapacitated Child Over Age 21 All States
DD137-6 - Dependency Statement - Full Time Student 21 - 22 Years of Age All States
DD137-7 - Dependency Statement - Ward of a Court All States
DD1371 - Consignee's Receipt for Delivery at Stopoff Unloading Point All States
DD1375 - Funeral and/or Interment Expenses, Request for Payment of All States
DD1381 - Air Transportation Agreement All States
DD1384 - Transportation Control and Movement Document All States
DD1385 - Cargo Manifest All States
DD1386 - Ocean Cargo Manifest Recapitulation or Summary All States
DD1387 - Shipment Label, Military All States
DD1387-2 - Special Handling Data/Certification All States
DD139 - Pay Adjustment Authorization All States
DD1390 - FY ____ Military Construction Program All States
DD1391 - FY ____ Military Construction Project Data All States
DD1391C - FY ____ Military Construction Project Data (Continuation) All States
DD1392 - Data Messageform All States
DD1394 - Mixer's Daily Worksheet All States
DD1412 - Inventory of Articles Shipped in House Trailer All States