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Department of Defense (DD) Forms

Free Department of Defense forms

Form TitleCoverage
DD788-2 - Vehicle Shipping Document for Motorcycle, Private All States
DD791 - DoD In-Flight Issue Log All States
DD792 - Nursing Service - Twenty-Four Hour Patient Intake and Output Worksheet All States
DD7A - Treatment Furnished Pay Patients, Report of - Outpatient (Part B) All States
DD804 - Recruiting Resources Summary Report All States
DD804-1 - Enlisted Recruiting Manpower Data All States
DD804-2 - Officer Recruiting Manpower Data All States
DD804-3 - Medical Recruiting Manpower Data All States
DD804-4 - Enlisted Recruiting Advertising Resources All States
DD804-5 - Officer Recruiting Advertising Resources All States
DD804-6 - Medical Recruiting Advertising Resources All States
DD804-7 - Enlistment Examining Personnel Data All States
DD804-8 - Enlistment Examining Support Costs All States
DD805 - Storage Space Management Report All States
DD827 - Arrears in Pay, Application For All States
DD836 - Dangerous Goods Shipping Paper/Declaration and Emergency Response Information All States
DD836C - Dangerous Goods Shipping Paper/Declaration & Emergency Response Information for All States
DD838 - Criminal Jurisdiction by Foreign Tribunals Over U.S. Personnel, Exercise of All States
DD843 - Printing and Binding Service, Requisition For All States
DD844 - Duplicating Service, Requisition for Local All States
DD862 - Daily Inspection Worksheet for Diesel Electric Locomotives and Locomotive Cranes All States
DD870 - Transportation Requests, Bill of Landing and Meal Tickets, Request for Fiscal All States
DD877 - Medical/Dental Records or Information, Request For All States
DD877-1 - Request for Medical/Dental Records from the National Personnel Records Center All States
DD878 - Mail Dispatched, Military All States
DD879 - Statement of Compliance All States
DD882 - Inventions and Subcontracts, Report of All States
DD884 - Transportation of Dependents, Application For All States
DD885 - Money Order Control Record All States
DD890 - Identification Processing, Record of - Effects and Physical Data All States
DD891 - Identification Processing, Record of - Dental Chart All States
DD892 - Identification Processing, Record of - Skeletal Chart All States
DD893 - Identification Processing, Record of - Anatomical Chart All States
DD894 - Identification Processing, Record of - Fingerprint Chart All States
DD93 - Emergency Data, Record of All States