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Department of Defense (DD) Forms

Free Department of Defense forms

Form TitleCoverage
DD1056 - Authorization to APPLY for ''No-Fee'' Passport and/or Request for Visa All States
DD1074 - Questionnaire of Local Inhabitants All States
DD1075 - Deceased Personnel, Convoy List of Remains of All States
DD1076 - Deceased Personnel, Military Operations Record of Personal Effects of All States
DD1077 - Deceased Personnel, Collection Point Register of All States
DD1078 - Plot Roster of Disinterments All States
DD1079 - Interment/Disinterment Register All States
DD108 - Application for Retired Pay Benefits All States
DD1081 - Statement of Agent Officer's Account All States
DD1084 - Bond Issuance Schedule, U.S. Savings Bonds - Series E All States
DD1084C - Bond Issuance Schedule, U.S. Savings Bonds - Series E (Continuation Sheet) All States
DD1085 - Domestic Freight Routing Request and Order All States
DD1096 - Pay and Allowance Claim Voucher, Military All States
DD1111 - Measurement Blank, Armed Forces - Special Sized Clothing for Women All States
DD1115 - Mail Room Sign All States
DD1118 - Mail Clerk's Receipt for Funds and Purchase Record, Unit All States
DD1131 - Cash Collection Voucher All States
DD1138-1 - Inventory Report of Principal or Secondary Items All States
DD114 - Military Pay Order All States
DD1144 - Support Agreement All States
DD1149 - Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document All States
DD1149C - Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document (Continuation Sheet) All States
DD1150 - Issue or Turn-In, Request For All States
DD1155 - Order for Supplies or Services All States
DD1155C-1 - Order for Supplies or Services (Commissary Continuation Sheet) All States
DD1162-1 - Household Goods, Schedule of Services and Rates For All States
DD1164 - Personal Property, Service Order For All States
DD117 - Pay Voucher, Military All States
DD1172-2 - Application for Department of Defense Common Access Card--DEERS Enrollment All States
DD1205 - Soil Moisture-Content Determination All States
DD1206 - Grain-Size Analysis (Sieve Method) All States
DD1207 - Grain Size Distribution Graph-Aggregate Gradation Chart All States
DD1208 - Specific Gravity Tests All States
DD1209 - Liquid- and Plastic-Limited Determination All States
DD1210 - Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil (Compaction Test) All States
DD1211 - Laboratory Soil-Compaction Test Graph All States
DD1212 - Laboratory California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test Data All States
DD1213 - Compression Test, Unconfined All States
DD1215 - In-Place Density Determination - Sand-Cone Method All States
DD1216 - Bituminous Mix Components, Specific Gravity of All States
DD1217 - Bituminous Mix Design-Aggregate Blending All States
DD1218 - Asphalt Mixtures, Computation of Properties of - Marshall Method All States
DD1219 - Bituminous Mix Curves All States
DD1220 - Concrete Mixture Design Data All States
DD1222 - Request for and Results of Tests All States
DD1225 - Storage Quality Control Report All States
DD1234 - Subsistence Products, Report of Inspection of All States
DD1237 - Egg Inspection, Shell All States
DD1249 - Airlift Request - SAAM or JCS Exercise All States
DD1252 - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Declaration for Personal Property All States